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#4624 黑糯米醋 Black Glutinous Rice Vinegar (陳稼莊) 600 ml, 12/cs

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 No preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, or other chemical additives.
This product is brewed from black glutinous rice by fermenting in large earthen jar, without any additional vinegar.

l 原料:水、黑糯米

l 容量:600 毫升

l 保存期限: (未開封前)
l 酸度:4.2%以上
l 食用方法:1.稀釋約10倍後飲用(冷溫飲皆宜)
◆ 食用方法:2.作為泡製醋的基底醋
◆ 食用方法:3.可供料理之用
l 本產品由天然原料製成,有沉澱物、顏色變深為自然現象,敬請安心飲用。
l 保存方法:請保存於陰涼乾燥處
l 原產地:台灣

l IngredientsWater, Black Glutinous Rice.

l Volume600 ml

l Shelf Life3 years (unopened)
l AcidityAbove  4.2%

l Direction of Use1.Dilute 10 times with water for cold or warm drink.

l Direction of Use:2.Use as the base vinegar for making infused vinegars.

l Direction of Use:3.Use for cooking.

l This product is made from natural ingredients, therefore the sediments occur and the vinegar’s
color will darken naturally. Please feel relieved to consume.

l  Storage InstructionKeep in a cool dry place.
l  Country of OriginTaiwan