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里仁 Leezen

#5755 義式蕃茄植物肉醬[福業] Italian Tomato Plant Meat Sauce (里仁) 250g, 40/cs

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商品特色 : 
1. 優質蛋白質來源 : 精選「三機植物肉」搭配「花蓮1號黃豆」,能提供人體優良蛋白質來源。
2. 營養強化 : 內含維生素B群、維生素C、鈣、鐵、大量膳食纖維。
3. 百搭料理 : 配飯、拌麵、夾麵包等多種吃法,怎麼開心怎麼吃,零廚藝也能快速健康出好菜。

食用方法 : 
1. 將未拆封的產品以冷藏方式進行解凍。
2. 不須拆袋放入內鍋,外鍋加約200ml水,加熱至外鍋跳起即可。


產品淨重 : 250±9公克

素食分級 : 純素






Selected "Six-Star Plan" local soybeans and plant-based meat are carefully stewed with a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavors and exclusive Italian natural spices.

Through the joint efforts of local producers, Tzuchi, and food manufacturers, this product supports the six-level industry chain plan in Hualien. It uses the "Hualien No. 1 Soybean," which is rich in high-quality protein and oil, combined with the "Three-Machine Plant-based Meat" developed by local manufacturers. After stewing, the tomatoes release a large amount of lycopene, and with the exclusive Italian natural spice formula, the taste is delicious. Simply reheat after thawing for consumption. It can be paired with rice, mixed with noodles, or sandwiched in bread, allowing you to enjoy it however you like, even without cooking skills.

Product Features:

  1. High-quality Protein Source: Selected "Three-Machine Plant-based Meat" combined with "Hualien No. 1 Soybean," providing an excellent source of protein for the body.
  2. Nutritional Enhancement: Contains B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and plenty of dietary fiber.
  3. Versatile Cooking: Can be paired with rice, mixed with noodles, sandwiched in bread, etc., allowing you to enjoy it however you like, even without cooking skills.


  1. Thaw the unopened product under refrigeration.
  2. Place the unopened bag in the inner pot, add about 200ml of water to the outer pot, and heat until the outer pot jumps.

Origin: Taiwan

Net Weight: 250±9g

Vegetarian Grade: Vegan

Ingredients: Water, tomato sauce (water, tomato paste, cane sugar, brewed vinegar, salt, white pepper, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, mustard, bay leaf, allspice), plant-based meat (water, pea protein, vegetable oil [canola oil, sesame oil], seasoning [yeast extract powder, apple cider vinegar (water, apple concentrate), soy sauce, mushroom powder], mixed fruit concentrate [apple concentrate, lemon juice concentrate], chicory fructan, malt extract [barley malt, water], potato starch, fiber, methyl cellulose [methyl cellulose, water, sodium chloride], yeast extract, beetroot powder, egg coagulant), green pepper, tomato paste, non-GMO soybeans, mushrooms, olive oil, soybean oil, ginger, basil, paprika, Italian spices [rosemary, bay leaf, paprika, black pepper, coriander, salt, thyme, sugar, cardamom, chili, parsley], black peppercorns, sugar, tapioca starch, iodized salt.

Shelf Life: 1 year (unopened)

Storage: Must be frozen at -18°C or below. After thawing, it is not recommended to refreeze.

Allergen Information: This product contains soybeans, sesame, and gluten-containing cereals and their products, and is not suitable for individuals allergic to them.

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