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里仁 Leezen

#6073 南棗核桃糕[奇軒] Walnut Date Cake (里仁) 380g, 24/cs

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淨重 : 300公克±3% (12公克 x 25份)






有效日期 :1/22/2024

Features: No artificial colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives added

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Net weight: 300g ±3% (12g x 25 servings)

Ingredients: walnuts, pure black date paste, maltose, sugar, water, special starch for soft candy (potato starch, imported rice flour, cassava starch), palm oil, iodized salt, soy lecithin

Shelf life: 4 months (unopened)

Storage method: Avoid sunlight and high temperature. If not consumed after opening, please keep it sealed to keep it fresh and delicious.

[The appearance and color of product packaging shall be subject to actual shipment]

Allergen Information: This product contains walnuts and soy products

Effective date:1/22/2024