About Heartland

Our Mission

At Heartland, our mission is to invite customers to experience the kindness of farmers towards the mother earth and to enjoy the organic products and pure foods without any chemical additives.

Who Are We?

Heartland sells Taiwanese organic products imported from Leezen Stores. Leezen is a reputable healthy food retailer who utilizes organic and natural ingredients to manufacture its products and is dedicated to support eco-friendly farming. Leezen’s food products are GMO free, little to no chemical additives, mainly no eggs, minimal oil, salt, or sugar. The ingredient sources and foods sold by Leezen have all passed the strict food safety examination conducted by the Tse-Xin Organic Foundation (慈心有機農業發展基金會 ) in Taiwan.

In addition, Heartland is also promoting organic and non-toxic products made in the United States, Canada, and Europe to provide consumers with abundant choices.

Our History

2002: Heartland established our first store in Walnut, California.
2004: Heartland opened a branch in Northern California to infuse healthy eating influences into the Silicon Valley.
2013: Heartland expanded to east coast, opening a branch in Flushing, New York and proudly bringing over the healthy deliciousness to the Big Apple.
2014: Heartland launched the online store,Heartlandshops.com, serving and delivering high quality products to the customers across the United States.

Our Core Value

Heartland’s establishment comes from viewing everyone as a family member, with whom we share the best and the most precious healthy value from each product. Heartland believes that when we enjoy our food on the table, we can taste the wisdom of nature. Therefore, through the sharing and praising of food, we spread our most fundamental and powerful energy: Love.

Our Locations