Heartland Rewards FAQ

 Q: If I have more than one membership accounts, can I transfer points between them?

A: No, you cannot transfer points between memberships.

 Q: Can I combine Heartland Rewards point offers with in-store discounts and coupons?

A: Yes, you may use Heartland Rewards points along with other discounts or promotions.

 Q: How do I know how many points I have?

A: To see your current point balance, sign in at My Account.

 Q: When are my Balance Rewards points posted?

A: In most cases, points are posted immediately after purchase, but it could take up to 3-5 days due to membership and legal verification.

 Q: Do my points expire?

A: Yes, points expire if an account has been deactivated or deleted.

 Q: Can I give my points away?

A: No. Points must be redeemed by the account holder.

 Q: What is the process for redeeming my points online?

A: You can redeem points on Reward Gifts page.

 Q: Can I redeem points in stores?

A: No, you cannot redeem points in store. Heartland Rewards is an online store only program.