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里仁 Leezen

#1965 綠心田天然烏龍茶 Green Heart Natural Oolong Tea (里仁) 2.8g x 20bag

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有效期限: 1年




Tea cultivation does not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Original tea leaves. Lvxintian natural tea products are managed with the farming method of "respecting nature, returning to nature, and treating the land well", and upholding the attitude of "natural ecology" and "peaceful coexistence" to create another value for our agriculture. At the same time It is also far away from the essence of plants.

Origin: Taiwan

Raw material: Oolong tea

Expiry date: 1 year

[The appearance of the product packaging is subject to the actual shipment]

Note: If you have not finished using it after unpacking, please press the zipper tightly to prevent moisture from affecting product performance.

Raw material: Oolong tea