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里仁 Leezen

#2595 壇紫菜 Natural Baked Seaweed (里仁) 50 g, 20/cs

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● 紫菜湯:加入適當食材,可調理成紫菜味噌湯、紫菜豆腐湯等。
● 海苔酥:紫菜撕成碎片,加入適量橄欖油,慢火酥炒,加入白芝麻,少量調味料 (醬油、糖、胡椒粉等依個人喜好而定) 拌勻即可



有效期限:1年 (未開封)

This seaweed is made from late-autumn sprouts and is carefully developed using the company's Japanese machinery. The product is hygienic, fresh and of high quality, and meets international standards and is exported to countries all over the world. It is the best among seaweeds.

How to eat:
● Seaweed soup: Add appropriate ingredients to make seaweed miso soup, seaweed tofu soup, etc.
● Seaweed Crispy: Tear the seaweed into pieces, add appropriate amount of olive oil, fry over slow heat, add white sesame seeds, a small amount of seasoning (soy sauce, sugar, pepper, etc. according to personal preference) and mix well.

Country of Origin: China

Ingredients: seaweed

Validity period: 1 year (unopened)