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#3789 桑椹醋[無加糖] Mulberry Vinegar -No Sugar (陳稼莊) 250 ml, 24/cs

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簡介 Brief Introduction:手作‧甕藏‧靜置酵釀果醋 Manually Brewed Fruit Vinegar

★ 無防腐劑‧無香料‧無色素‧無化學添加物
★ No preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, or other chemical additives.

★ 桑椹醋係由桑椹甕藏靜置發酵釀造而成,無添加其他醋類。

★ Mulberry vinegar is brewed from mulberry by fermenting in large earthen jar, without any additional vinegar.

l 原料:酵釀桑椹醋*、桑椹*。

l 原料:*桑椹100%由陳稼莊果園無農藥‧無化肥‧無除草劑栽培

l 容量:250 毫升

l 保存期限:3 年 (未開封前)

l 飲用方法:請稀釋約5~10倍後飲用。冷溫飲皆宜,冰涼後飲用風味更佳。

l 本產品由天然原料製成,有水果果肉沉澱、顏色變深為自然現象,敬請安心飲用。

l 保存方法:請保存於陰涼乾燥處。開瓶後請冷藏為宜。

l 原產地:台灣

l Ingredients:Brewed Mulberry Vinegar*, Mulberry*.
l Ingredients:*Mulberries are 100% from Chen-Jiah-Juang’s own farm, grown without

l Ingredients:*the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides.

l Volume:250 ml

l Shelf Life:3 years (unopened)

l Drinking Method:Dilute 5-10 times with water for cold or warm drink.
l Drinking Method:Better tasting if refrigerated.

l This product is made from natural ingredients, therefore the sediments occur and the color will darken naturally.
l Please feel relieved to consume.

l Storage Instruction:Keep in a cool dry place. It is best to keep refrigerated after opening.

l Country of Origin:Taiwan