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里仁 Leezen

#4700 大地采護髮粉棕咖啡 Color of Mother Nature [Brown] (里仁) 50gx2, 50/cs

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淨重 : 100g(50g x 2入)





   1. 若不慎濺入眼睛請以大量清水沖洗,或洽詢醫生。
   2. 本品僅限用於頭髮。
   3. 使用過程中有過敏刺激等異常現象,請停止使用。
   4. 頭皮、臉、頸如有腫痛傷口請勿使用。
   5. 本產品請放置在孩童無法取得之處。
   6. 請注意蠶豆症患者可能引起溶血現象,禁止使用。
   7. 孕婦禁止使用。
   8. 本產品為純植物配方,無添加化學藥劑(特定用途化妝品成分),符合化妝品衛生安全管理法,無需申請衛福部含藥化妝品許可證。

使用方法 : 粉末拌熱水調勻,塗抹於洗淨微濕狀態頭髮,敷髮約1.5~2小時候清水沖淨,使用時請詳細參閱包裝內說明書。

Ancient wisdom from Ayurveda, originating from India, is used in this herbal plant formula. Natural plant ingredients cover white hair and nourish the hair strands. The ingredients are verified by Ecocert.

Origin: India

Net Weight: 100g (50g x 2 packs)

Ingredients: Indigo, Bhringraj, Saffron, False Daisy, Henna, Acacia Concinna, Emblica Officinalis, Bringraj, Madder

Shelf Life: 18 months (unopened)

Storage: Please store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

[The appearance and color of the product packaging may vary from actual shipment.]


  1. In case of accidental contact with the eyes, rinse with plenty of water or consult a doctor.
  2. This product is for use on hair only.
  3. If there is any abnormal reaction or irritation during use, please discontinue use.
  4. Do not use on the scalp, face, or neck if there are swollen or injured areas.
  5. Keep this product out of the reach of children.
  6. Be aware that individuals with G6PD deficiency may experience hemolysis; do not use.
  7. Pregnant women should not use this product.
  8. This product is a pure plant formula without the addition of chemical agents (specifically for cosmetics), in compliance with cosmetics hygiene and safety management regulations. It does not require approval from the Ministry of Health and Welfare for cosmetics containing medicinal ingredients.

Instructions: Mix the powder with hot water, apply to clean, slightly damp hair, leave on for about 1.5-2 hours, and rinse with water. For detailed usage instructions, please refer to the instructions inside the packaging.