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#4827 軟毛更換式牙刷頭 Replacement Head Soft-2pk (radius), 6/cs

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Brush Head Replacement Description from Radius
Replace, Refresh, Reduce

Swap this head out for your worn-out one. Replacing heads instead of throwing a brush away reduces plastic consumption and waste by 93%! If everyone in the world switched to Source, a whopping 28.5 billion less toothbrushes a year would end up in landfills!

Toothbrush Tip: This brush has 3000 bristles (compared to 1800 bristles for other brushes) for a deeper, more complete clean.

ADA Accepted - Non Toxic

-Bioplastic Bristles
-Recycled & Sustainable Packaging

Manufacturer's Directions
Pull out the old head and replace with the new one. Turn handle left or right as needed. Replace every 3 months.