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里仁 Leezen

#4945 巧克力糙米餅 Brown Rice Cookies-Chocolate (里仁) 120g, 30/cs

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保留全糙米營養價值 !






保留全糙米營養價值 ! 融入香濃有機可可粉,香脆可口,無麩質,安心好吃又好消化。


級別 : 純素

淨重 : 120公克/盒





Retain the nutritional value of whole brown rice!
Brown rice biscuits made without using wheat flour and eggs are blended with fragrant organic cocoa powder. They are crispy and delicious. You can get the aroma of brown rice and fragrant cocoa in your mouth. They are gluten-free, safe, delicious and easy to digest.


*Using native brown rice cultivation process

*No pesticides or chemical fertilizers used

*Egg-free, dairy-free, wheat flour-free


In order to let modern people embrace the beauty of rice again!
Selected Taiwanese brown rice, without frying, quickly rises to a perfect shape in 8 seconds, and uses coconut oil to highlight the simple aroma of brown rice.
Retain the nutritional value of whole brown rice! Infused with fragrant organic cocoa powder, it is crispy and delicious, gluten-free, safe, delicious and easy to digest.

Origin: Taiwan

Level: Vegan

Net weight: 120g/box

Ingredients: Brown rice flour, sugar, coconut oil, cocoa powder, salt, sodium bicarbonate (leaving agent), soy lecithin.
*Brown rice flour raw materials do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Allergen Information: This product contains soy. This product is produced in a manufacturing plant whose equipment or production lines handle: gluten-containing cereals, mangoes, peanuts, sesame, milk, eggs, nuts, kiwis and seeds.

Shelf life: 12 months (before opening)

Preservation method: Please store in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight. If not consumed after opening, please seal the package.