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餐御宴 Tsan-Yu Yan

#5028 老麵饅頭-黑糖 Brown Sugar Steamed Bread (餐御宴) 120g*6, 12/cs

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黑糖老麵 : 使用未經漂白的小麥粉,加入老麵長時間發酵,並添加含有豐富鈣、鎂、葉酸、鐵及維他命B群的黑糖,不添加香料色素的承諾,品嘗到的是天然的黑糖香與樸實的小麥香。




保存方式:冷藏7 以下



Black Sugar Sourdough: Made with unbleached wheat flour, fermented with sourdough for an extended period, and enriched with black sugar containing abundant calcium, magnesium, folic acid, iron, and B vitamins. We promise no added flavors or artificial colors, offering the natural aroma of black sugar and the wholesome fragrance of wheat.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, black sugar, refined palm oil, yeast

Net Weight: 720 grams (6 packs) per package

Shelf Life: 18 months (refers to unopened packages stored under normal conditions)

Storage: Keep refrigerated at or below 7°C

Expiration Date: As indicated on the outer packaging

Origin: Taiwan