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#5156 陳稼莊桑椹果粒醬 Mulberry Jam (陳稼莊) 300 g, 24/cs

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 No preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, or other chemical additives.

l 原料:桑椹(100%陳稼莊果園無農藥無化肥‧無除草劑栽培)、冰糖(無漂白)、水、玉米糖膠[微生物發酵膠體
    植物性 素食]。

l 淨重:300 公克

l 保存期限: (未開封前)

l 食用方法:1.同一般果醬用法,塗抹在麵包、土司、餅乾、鬆餅、饅頭上食用。
l 食用方法:2.加入到原味優格中食用。
l 食用方法:3.稀釋約5倍後飲用(冷熱飲皆宜),沖泡成含有果粒的果汁。
l 食用方法:4.搭配紅茶、綠茶、烏龍茶,調和成獨特風味的水果茶。

l 保存方法:開瓶後請冷藏,並儘速食用。若有變質,請勿食用。

l 原產地:台灣

l Ingredients: Mulberry (100 from Chen-Jiah-Juang’s own farm, grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides), Rock Sugar (unbleached), Water, Xanthan Gum.

l Net Weight300 g

l Shelf Life2 years (unopened)

l Direction of Use1.Use as fruit spread.
l Direction of Use2.Use as a yogurt topping.
l Direction of Use3.Dilute 5 times with water for warm or cold drinks.

l Storage Instruction: Refrigerate after opening, and consume as soon as possible.

l Country of OriginTaiwan