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#5432 玫瑰紅茶 Rose black tea (舞間茶心) 3g*10入 , 250 pcs/cs

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【商品名稱】 玫瑰紅茶-原片立體茶包10入


【成分 】茶葉、玫瑰花



Taiwanese small-leaf black tea and non-toxic roses are carefully selected. The roses are picked fresh that day, and the petals are mixed with the Wujian Tea Heart small-leaf black tea in a proportion and put into a dryer for low-temperature baking. The combination of rich and sweet rose fragrance and ripe fruity black tea has a sweet taste and a natural and good complexion.

[Product Name] Rose Black Tea - 10 pieces of original three-dimensional tea bags

[Product shelf life] Three years

【Ingredients】Tea, roses