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#6022 精選紅玉紅茶 Choice Ruby Black Tea (淨源) 30g, 20/cs

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#梔子花香氣 #柑橘芒果乾滋味 #牛奶糖甜感







置茶/水量:茶葉置泡茶器具容量之 1/2


沖泡時間:第 1/2/3/4 泡時間依序為 30/35/35/35 秒,依個人口味濃淡可自行調整。



有機期&有機轉型期 特別說明














[The appearance, style and color of the product packaging are subject to the actual shipment]

Combining ecology and tea gardens with the image of water, the illustrations convey the dexterity and vividness of life. Between virtual and real, what is outlined is the attitude of respecting the net source of life without hindering nature.

Tea Introduction

#Gardenia Flower Fragrance #Dried Citrus Mango Taste #Milk Sugar Sweetness

It has the aroma of gardenia, fruit flavors such as citrus and dried mango, and the sweetness of milk sugar. The palate is smooth, mellow and lingering.

※The black tea is kneaded into thin strands, and the volume is relatively irregular. It is normal for the finished vacuum bag to be slightly inconsistent in size.

Specifications: 30g/box

brewing method

Amount of tea/water: 1/2 of the capacity of the tea maker.

Brewing water temperature: 80-85°C.

Brewing time: The 1/2/3/4 brewing time is 30/35/35/35 seconds in sequence, which can be adjusted according to personal taste.


Organic Period & Organic Transition Period Special Instructions

➊What is the difference between the organic period and the organic transition period?

To put it simply, every field applying to be converted to organic, after passing the on-site inspection by the certification agency, must go through a three-year organic transition period before obtaining formal organic certification. sale.

Some people may worry, are products in the transition period less secure than products in the organic period?

The answer is: the security level of crops in the organic transition period is equivalent to that of organic crops!

According to organic laws and regulations, pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers are also not allowed during the transformation period. The inspection standards are also the same as those of organic agricultural products. Only pesticides and toxic substances found in the residue inspection can be sold on the shelves.

It is suggested that everyone can support more products in the organic transition period, and encourage the farmers to accompany them through the organic exploration and adaptation period, so as to provide consumers with organic agricultural products with better quality and stable yield in the future!

➋What period is the tea I ordered?

There are "organic period" and "organic transformation period" in Jingyuan Tea's tea garden. Each batch of tea leaves has a different status according to the different tea green raw material fields.

For Example: You order "Organic (Transition Period) Selected Fragrance Oolong Tea" on the official website of Jingyuan Tea. Mainly, you may receive a selection of fragrant oolong tea in the "organic period" or "organic transition period" when it actually arrives.