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里仁 Leezen

#6045 公平貿易純黑即溶咖啡 Fairtrade Instant Coffee (里仁) 117g-45pcs, 24/cs

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食用方式 : 

   1. 美式咖啡 - 180ml ~ 200ml 冷熱水皆可沖泡。

   2. 無水拿鐵 - 直接加冰/熱牛奶,用量依口味調整。


級別 : 純素

烘焙方式 : 中深焙

淨重 : 117g (2.6g x 45入) / 盒


咖啡因含量 : 每包62.5毫克,咖啡豆屬於天然農產品,會因產地氣候而影響咖啡因含量。




Let every day's good mood come from fair trade choices. Fair trade offers producers more sustainable sales channels through more equal trade conditions, environmental protection, and more.

With the fragrance of honey flowers, a smooth and pure taste, and a sweet and mellow aftertaste, Liren connects farmers and manufacturers, supports friendly farming, and shares the true and safe taste of food. It's good for the land, and it's good for you.


  1. American Coffee - Brew with 180ml to 200ml of hot or cold water.
  2. Latte without Water - Directly add ice or hot milk, adjust the amount according to your taste.

Origin: Germany Grade: Vegan Roasting: Medium to Dark Net Weight: 117g (2.6g x 45 sachets) per box Ingredients: Instant coffee powder Caffeine Content: 62.5mg per sachet. Coffee beans are a natural agricultural product, and caffeine content may vary due to the climate and origin.

Shelf Life: 18 months (before opening) Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place.

[Actual product packaging may vary in appearance and color.]